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Pasona Inc. (hereinafter the "Company") operates the 2020 Emerging Market Development Project through Utilization of Technical Cooperation (the Japan Internship Program (Overseas Job Fair Project)) (hereinafter the "Project") as entrusted thereto by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (hereinafter the “METI”) and hereby declares that the Company has a strong recognition of the importance of personal information provided by you (hereinafter the “Persona Information), complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan (hereinafter the “Act”) and other applicable laws and regulations, and handles Personal Information safely and appropriately in accordance with the following Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

The Company will handle the Personal Information as follows.

1. Purpose of Use
The Personal Information will be used for;
- correspondence to your inquiries, applications, opinions,
- sending documents and announcement of seminars and events related to the Project, and
- generation of statistical data related to the Project.
Furthermore, video and audio recording including pictures and movies will be used for recruitment advertisement and achievement report of the Project.

2. Provision to Third Parties
All the Personal Information may be provided by means of electronic media or in writing to the participating companies operating business in Japan and following Pasona group companies. With respect to the management of the recipients of Personal Information, the Company will request and supervise that the recipients strictly manage personal information including dispose/return upon termination of entrustment agreements.
In addition, your Personal Information may be provided to METI that has entrusted the Project to the Company by means of electronic media or in writing in the course of reporting on the Project.

To hold job fairs for overseas participants, the Company will provide Personal Information to the Pasona group companies as follows:

Purpose of Use: planning, implementation and operation of job fairs
Means or Methods of provision: by electronic media or in writing
Items of Personal Information Provided: all Personal Information including names and addresses
Pasona Group Companies Receiving Personal Information: Pasona India Private Limited / PT Pasona HR Indonesia / Pasona HR Malaysia Sdh Bhd

3. Outsourcing
The Company may outsource a part of operations handling the Personal Information to the extent necessary for the purpose of use. Before outsourcing, the Company will conduct a strict screening on each subcontractor with regard to its personal information protection system and policy to confirm that the subcontractor satisfies the requirements specified by the Company. The Company will execute confidentiality agreements with the subcontractors to request them strict managements and security control of Personal Information and dispose/return upon the termination of the entrustment agreements, and supervise the subcontractors properly.

4. Voluntary Provision of Personal Information
You will be requested to provide your personal information voluntarily and will not be forced to do so. Please note that you may be unable to receive appropriate service if Personal Information is not provided.

5. Use of Cookies
This website may use cookies for the enhancement of information and service provided, more convenient use of the website, and the like. The Company will not obtain any information that can identify an individual by use of cookies, unless the prior consent of the relevant individual is obtained.

6. Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information
Through the following contact, Company will handle notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of the content, suspension of use or the provision of Personal Information to third parties (collectively hereinafter "Disclosure") according to the Act . To process your request for Disclosure, Company will verify your identification andrequests, and requeste to fill in the document prescribed by Company.

7. Contact
Administration Office for the 2020 Emerging Market Development Project through Utilization of Technical Cooperation (the Japan Internship Program (Overseas Job Fair Project))
(c/o Global Business Headquarters, Pasona Inc.)
2-6-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8228 Japan
E-mail: jjf@pasona.co.jp

8. Personal Information Protection Administrator
Managing Director and Executive Officer of Pasona Inc.
E-mail: privacy@pasona.co.jp

9. Personal Information Protection Policy (Pasona Inc.)

Please confirm the above Privacy Policy and consent to the following Terms of Use prior to application to the Project.

Terms of Use

Article 1. Purpose
This Terms of Use shall apply to all acts by Users who use this website. This Terms of Use determines the terms of use of online job fairs for the Project (hereinafter the "Service"). Users shall use the Service in accordance with this Terms of Use.
Users shall be deemed to have agreed on the entire content of this Terms of Use upon the use of the Service.

Article 2. Definition
The following terms used herein shall have the meaning defined in each of the items:
1. The term "User(s)" means a person or persons who participate in the Service.
2. The term "Contents" means the information, articles, moving images, documents, drawings, text, audio, music, software, programs, source codes, and all other expressions and information provided to Users through the Service.

Article 3. Development of User Environment, etc. by Users
Users shall develop, at their own responsibility and expense, user environment such as the devices (video cameras, microphones, etc.), software, and means of communication that are necessary for and conform to the use of the Service and thereby use the Service appropriately.
It is recommended that when using the Service, Users fix the connected terminal (personal computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) at a place without noise, etc. after confirming that the residual amount of battery power is sufficient or the terminal is connected to a battery charger, and thereby use the Service in a stable communication environment.
Users shall take appropriate security measures to prevent computer virus infection, unauthorized access, data breaches, and the like depending on their user environment.
The Company is not concerned with the user environment of each User and is not liable for any damage or increase in communication fees and other expenses caused by the user environment of each User.

Article 4. Ownership of Rights
The ownership, copyrights, trademark rights, patents, and all other rights pertaining to the software and information, etc. provided by the Company to participants in the course of the provision of the Service (hereinafter the "Intellectual Property Rights") are vested in the METI that has entrusted the Project or have been acquired by the Company from duly authorized third parties, and Users may not acquire any of the Intellectual Property Rights in any case.

Article 5. Prohibited Acts
Users shall not perform any act that falls or may fall under any of the following items:
1. Acts that violate this Terms of Use, etc.;
2. Acts that violate laws and regulations or public order and morality or that suggest, provoke, or promote such violations;
3. Acts that violate the rights and interests of the Company or a third party(including, but not limited to, acts of nuisance and obstruction of business); and
4. Acts that provide any untrue, incorrect, or inappropriate information in connection with the use of the Service.
In addition, if you use violent language, violate the rules, or perform any other act and the Company considers that such act obstructs the operation of the Service, you may be required to withdraw from the job fairs related to the Service. The Company may also report the matter to a specialized authorities as needed.

Article 6. Suspension of the Service, etc.
Company may suspend or discontinue the provision of all or part of the Service without giving prior notice to Users in cases where any of the following items applies:
1. Where the Company performs maintenance or inspection of devices and systems for the provision of the Service;
2. Where the operation of the Service is rendered difficult due to a fire, earthquake or any other natural disaster, power failure, system fault, etc.;
3. Where computers or communication lines are suspended due to an accident, etc.;
4. Where systems or services used by the Company is suspended or becomes unstable for any reason;
5. Where the Service was under a great load or suffering a major malfunction and it is difficult, or the Company considers that it is difficult, to provide normal service;
6. Where the Company becomes aware of a possibility of the provision of the Service causing serious damage to Users or third parties due to the falsification of data related to the Service or hacking, etc.; and
7. Where the Company decides that suspension or discontinuation is necessary.

Article 7. Revision of This Terms of Use
In cases where all the following items apply, the Company may revise this Terms of Use at its own discretion:
1. Where the revision of this Terms of Use is for the benefit of general Users; and
2. Where the revision of this Terms of Use is not contrary to the purpose of executing the agreement and is reasonable in light of the necessity of revision, reasonableness of the revised Terms of Use, and other matter related to the revision.

When revising this Terms of Use, the Company shall post on the website for the Service, or notify Users by e-mail of, the fact that this Terms of Use will be revised, the content of the revised Terms of Use, and the effective date of revision at least one (1) month prior to the effective date of the revised Terms of Use. When a User uses the Service after the effective date of the revised Terms of Use, the User shall be deemed to have consented to the revised Terms of Use.

Article 8. Disclaimer
When you move from this website to another website through a link or banner, the Company shall have no responsibility for the information or service provided through such other website.

Article 9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
1. This Terms of Use is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
2. All and any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Terms of Use shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of The Tokyo District Court at the first instance.